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Privacy Policy

We consider the privacy of our customers and the handling of personal information to be extremely important.
Therefore, we have established the following standards for the handling of personal information and take all possible measures to protect personal information.

We will not use customers' personal information for any purpose other than the original purpose without the prior consent of the customer.
We will not provide customers' personal information to other companies without prior notice.

We may send you information about our products and services by e-mail, but if you request us to stop sending you such information, we will not send it to you thereafter.

When a customer requests disclosure or correction of his/her personal information held by the Company, the Company will promptly comply with the request after appropriate identification procedures are completed.
We will not respond to requests for disclosure of personal information from third parties other than the customer or his/her agent, except in cases where such requests are based on mandatory legal procedures.


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