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Our Services : Enterprise excellence

It represents JP Consulting's comprehensive management consulting services as one integrated programme. It emphasises the need to provide clients with a single point of contact for support in multiple areas of expertise to support the overall growth and success of their business.


Management strategy consulting


  • Market analysis: in-depth market research to analyze industry trends and competitors

  • Management goal setting: specific management objectives are set based on the client's long-term vision.

  • Implementation plan: a clear action plan is developed and implementation support is provided.



Operation strategy consulting


  • Organisational diagnosis: diagnoses the current organisational structure and  and identifies issues

  • Human resource development: develop human resource development plans and support leadership development 

  • Change management: provides a change management methodology for successful organisational change projects.


Business process improvement consulting


  • Process analysis: a detailed analysis of current business processes to identify inefficiencies.

  • Proposals for improvement: proposals are made to optimise and automate workflows to increase efficiency.

  • Implementation support: assists in the implementation of improvement measures and monitoring of results.


Financial consulting


  • Financial analysis: a detailed analysis of the financial situation is carried out to identify problems and areas for improvement.

  • Cost reduction: efficient cost-cutting measures are proposed to support financial health.

  • Funding: provides strategies for raising the necessary funds at the right time.


IT consulting


  • IT infrastructure assessment: assesses the current IT infrastructure and makes recommendations for optimization.

  • Digitalization promotion: supports the digitization of business processes using digital technologies.

  • Cyber security: propose and implement cyber security measures to protect clients' information assets.

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