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JP Consulting | Profit-Driven Consulting Firm

Value creation. Our answer to
international competition


What we do 

We combine global knowledge with local expertise to

support our clients' long-term asset building and asset protection.

Asset Management on the selection of an internationally diversified investment portfolio.

A professional global network to support risk understanding and appropriate action.

As part of a comprehensive business strategy, we assist our clients in passing on their aspirations to the next generation.


Our priority is the sustained connectivity of our clients and their families.

Our priority is the sustained connectivity of our clients and their families.

We provide simple and valuable solutions to the complex problems of today's rapidly changing social structure.

About JP Consulting

We are an independent consulting firm headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.Supporting value creation and global development: Through our Purpose, we contribute to the positive development of the world by providing services that combine global knowledge with local expertise.

Who we serve

We provide consulting services to wealthy families who have been sustained for 200 years and have built their wealth and prestige as founding families.For both clients, we provide optimal service through our global network with the purpose of continued prosperity.

Recruitment information

Our Purpose: Supporting value creation and global development

We are looking forward to working with you as a member of JP Consulting.

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